almost for you but not really

by B L O C K E D

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was kinda sad but not really anymore :)


released May 7, 2017



all rights reserved


B L O C K E D Singapore

haha i have no knowledge in anything and all my songs sound the same

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Track Name: I Wrote This In Less Than An Hour and I have No Idea What The Title Should Be
I'll swim through the oceans
I'll carry the weight for you
The worst of the weathers doesn't matter to me
I'll drown for your survival
Track Name: Walls
This place is filled with absurd people
So many arguments with no solutions
Talk to me when you have concrete evidence
Or don't

I never understood what you're thinking
You sound as stupid as this song I'm writing
I'd rather be talking to the wall
and get no response
at all
Track Name: You Wanted It and You Got It
i hope this song will brighten up your day
well fuck no, cause you always turn mine gray
one day i hope that you'll have to pay
for all the sins you've did, bet you can't even pray.

whenever you look at me i'll look away
for your eyes show signs that you'll betray
i hate the way you make my soul decay
just like the cigarettes you stub on your ashtray

Do you want an apology?
(no no)
then what do you want from me?
(i don't know)
did the truth ever set you free?
(i doubt so)
look at me what do you see?

as these chatters all clustered up my head
i only focused on the sound that your voice made
it sounded just like heaven
but the words said
would probably send you straight to hell

Do you want an apology?
(no no)
then what do you want from me?
(i don't know)
did the truth ever set you free?
(i doubt so)
look at me what do you see?

I guess we could both agree?
(what on?)
You locked me up, threw away the key
(i did not)
trouble came you were first to flee
(i wasn't)
you are the cause for the state that i am in
Track Name: I Don't Wanna See You Here Anymore
I walked past that place that we love
With all these people just passing by
I looked for your face in a sea full of crowd
but I never see you here anymore

And someone has this scent I remember
It was musky and smells just like cotton
I took a few whiffs and I felt you near me
but I never see you here anymore

I'd trade my whole life just to feel
the experience all over again
but I've already put everything into it
still I never see you here anymore

It hurts to feel worse than before
and I never seem to care anymore
I was cautious of you in everything that I do
still I never see you here anymore

Something inside me just felt strange
I sat there thinking about it all again
I thought "Will they taste me on your lips when you kiss
cause I know they'll always taste you on mine
but I never see you here anymore
still I never see you here anymore
I will never see you here anymore
I don't wanna see you here anymore
Track Name: 5 A.M But Unaccepted
I'm sorry for what happened
and everything I'd ever did to you
to you

I've made too much mistakes for me to ever be forgiven
but if you could
I hope you would
Track Name: No More Songs About You
We both shared the same mindset
our body would handle what our heart can't
We resented death
yet crave for it like a drug

I really wish the cuts on your wrists would heal with time
I'll offer my arm for you
But you don't care about mine

I would love to hold on to you
For a while a little longer
But these calluses are forming
and my arms are getting sore

I'm shattered broken, disintegrated
And I have lost every part of me
And every part within myself are
Just memories of you

My head and heart are competing
In the abyss of my body
Trying to be the heaviest
Then my eyelids, they took part

I've been stuck in this rut
That I've built for myself
and it's burying me deeper than I thought
Whenever I sleep
I dream of death
or faint visions of you

If you had to pay rent for living in my head,
I would've made more money than her on your bed.
(You've made your bed, now lie in it
go bury your head in the ground)
Track Name: You're So Cool But I Don't Know What To Do
oh, you're so cool
when you do nothing
it is just so beautiful

and oh, you're so cruel
if you do something
could you please like text me back you fool

but i don't know you
and there is absolutely nothing
i can even do

and you don't know me
you only know my
masqueraded personality
Track Name: I Can't Say A Thing So I Sang It
Well I
I got stupid
I never thought I'd feel it again

But then I
I let it
I let it all happen to me

When you
Look at me
I can't help but to feel this way

But I know
I am nothing
I get that a lot in my head

You know I can't say a thing
If you know what I mean
But if I could say something
You won't know what I mean

If I could I'd try to say something that I mean
Over and over till it means something
But now I can't say a thing
and you know what I mean

So could you
Please notice
Whatever hints that I'm dropping

And if you
Did notice
Then could you please react to it

Cause i
I don't know
How to express this words verbally

So I
All these words in just a few minutes

Don't matter
Track Name: Today I Didn't Want To Die
Everyday I want to die
I don't know why I always feel this way
I've learned about the color wheel
But then all I ever see is gray

Wake up feeling unsatisfied so I
Down my coffee to feel some pride
The tears from last night must have dried
Cuz I feel the crust from when I cried

When the moonlight fades to day
I didn't plan to see the sun up high
never thought that I'll be okay
somehow today I didn't want to die

Another day I stayed awake but then
Going out makes my body ache
Socializing makes me shake
I guess I'll go home and take more breaks

I then went to talk to my dog
My dog said hey fatty go for a jog
But I'm just a hungry log
And my head is just a cluttered fog