No More Songs About You

from by B L O C K E D

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lost every raw file and this is whatever that was salvaged lmao


We both shared the same mindset
our body would handle what our heart can't
We resented death
yet crave for it like a drug

I really wish the cuts on your wrists would heal with time
I'll offer my arm for you
But you don't care about mine

I would love to hold on to you
For a while a little longer
But these calluses are forming
and my arms are getting sore

I'm shattered broken, disintegrated
And I have lost every part of me
And every part within myself are
Just memories of you

My head and heart are competing
In the abyss of my body
Trying to be the heaviest
Then my eyelids, they took part

I've been stuck in this rut
That I've built for myself
and it's burying me deeper than I thought
Whenever I sleep
I dream of death
or faint visions of you

If you had to pay rent for living in my head,
I would've made more money than her on your bed.
(You've made your bed, now lie in it
go bury your head in the ground)


from almost for you but not really, released May 7, 2017
Ft. Ira Amirah, my cool friend



all rights reserved


B L O C K E D Singapore

haha i have no knowledge in anything and all my songs sound the same

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